Vetrofond :: Strawberry Sweet

Alchemistress :: COE 104 Glass Testing :: Blog :: Vetrofond Strawberry Sweet
Vetrofond Strawberry Sweet Oddlot, the glass has been used as surface decoration on a base of Effetre Avocado (machine pulled) and Light Ivory and Effetre White and Avocado.

Vetrofond Strawberry Sweet is an oddlot glass, which is no longer produced. I don’t know how I did it, but I have almost three pounds of this colour.  The rods are an opaque ruddy pink, with a core of lime yellow glass. This means the rods will melt into a mix which can lightly streak, depending on how much heat used. The rods are very smooth to the touch and melt easily. This glass will ping or crack if you do not pre-warm the rod in the top of your flame properly. It is fairly forgiving but shoving it straight into the flame will certainly cause issues. The picture of the rods below look very pink, which is not usually how Strawberry Sweet looks in rod form but it does look better in natural sunlight.

Alchemistress :: COE 104 Glass Testing :: Blog :: Vetrofond:: Strawberry Sweet
Vetrofond Strawberry Sweet, showing concentric bands of lime yellow through the core of the rod

I couldn’t get Strawberry Sweet to scum or burn. Strawberry Sweet is a striking colour, so it looks brighter than the rod colour when it has been fully struck. Fully struck Strawberry Sweet without a clear encasement over the top looks brownish when made into an opaque bead. Fully struck and used as surface decoration only (pulled into stringers and small dots) Strawberry sweet looks like the colour of very ripe strawberries. So it’s a good name for it.

Strawberry Sweet is very easy to strike and you can strike it as you would any other red or yellow striking glass. Just waft your Strawberry Sweet through a propane rich flame and let the colour bloom before pulling into stringers, or after you have finished surface decoration. My personal favourite is to encase Strawberry Sweet in very hot clear glass and watch the colour bloom into a vibrant pink red, such as in the pictures. I have not noticed any kiln striking with this colour, so it does have to be struck in the flame.

Alchemistress :: COE 104 Glass Testing :: Blog ::
Vetrofond Strawberry Sweet as surface decoration on Effetre Dark Ivory. Strawberry Sweet flower petals have been encased with Effetre Clear to bring out the striking colour

Vetrofond Strawberry Sweet when encased, colour shifts. It can look much paler in fluorescent light and much richer in hue in sunlight. This colour shifting adds depth to designing flowers, as petals have a much more dimensional appearance. It didn’t spread over Effetre Ivory unless it was really heated up to white hot.  I saw a small frazzling and fading of the colour when this was done. Unless you’re going for that particular look, I wouldn’t overheat Strawberry Sweet because you can burn out the colour.

Alchemistress :: COE 104 Glass Testing :: Blog :: Studio Set Up - Part 4 - Flame On
Vetrofond Strawberry Sweet beads mixed with Effetre Ivory and Machine Pulled Avocado

I think it’s an excellent glass to use for “antique” inspired beads because it works so well with the ivory, cream, olive and avocado glass colour range. Strawberry Sweet sits perfectly in an Autumn (Fall) colour palette but it’s so bright that it would work equally well with more vivid colours, I really liked it when I paired it with a hand blended mix of purple toned glass (see big round floral bead in the top picture.)

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